15 in 1 Paracord Survival Bracelet with built in Compass and Thermometer

  • $6.99

  • PRODUCT: Multi-function Paracord Bracelet with Compass for navigation on your hike, Waterproof Thermometer for temperature confirmation and a paracord rope for emergency use, along with several additional features including flint, fire starter, knife, scraper, screwdrivers, and whistle.
  • FUNCTION: This paracord bracelet can be used during hiking, camping, skiing and more outdoor activities. It has multi-function capabilities from scraping to unscrewing the most obscure items. Contains a flint fire starter and high frequency whistle to signal for help. The paracord rope can be used for hanging a tarp for shelter, tying wood or bandages, a fishing line, securing your boat, creating a trap or snare, making a clothesline, splint, and many other uses. A must-have for any hiker.
  • FASHION: This high quality paracord bracelet that can be worn as an accessory to any outdoor event. Looks great on men, women and teens. Serves many functions. A useful tool to bring to protect yourself in any unexpected situation.
  • DESIGN: Contains two cross screwdrivers, two straight screwdrivers, small serrated blade/knife and many more features.

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