Lady's Backless Strapless Silicone Self Adhesive Bra

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Self-adhesive bra is meant to stick directly to the skin |Perfect for backless prom and wedding dresses, halter tops, club/party wear, and most low cut attire
Please ensure skin is dry, clean and free of skin care products and perfumes prior to application
Please refer below for sizing, placement, and care


DO NOT use moisturizers and other skin care products prior to use. Before using, clean your skin to remove oil and residue from the skin. Dry your skin thoroughly before applying the breast pads. Please note that these are not recommended for hot environments where you may be sweating. Sweat may cause the adhesive to come loose.

For general wear: place the cups toward the outside of your breasts, with the clasp somewhat pointing downward. Adhere and then pull the clasps together. Try different angles for varying amount of lift and cleavage. If the cups are placed further from one another, when the clasp is closed the breasts will be pushed together more to create more cleavage.


To place: Stand in front of a mirror and position one cup at a time at your desired angle and gently smooth the cup over your breast and press the edges firmly to ensure adhesion. Make sure both cups have been placed at the same height and in the same general position. Then bring the clasps together and close.

To remove: Gently peel back the bra cup from the top downward, taking your time.


To clean: Wash after each use to remove body oils and other residue. Do not machine wash or dry. Wash by wetting the adhesive surface with warm water and using a small amount of a gentle cleanser. Do not scrub or scratch this surface. Do not use a towel or any other drying assistance to dry. Let air dry.

Once it is dry, put the cups in a secure location to protect from dust and other things landing on the adhesive.

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